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IVANA ALAWI: Biography, Birthday, Age, 10 Facts about the Actress

10 facts about Actress-vlogger-internet sensation Ivana Alaw. Know her more by reading some facts about her below.

Designer bags and shoes inside Ivana Alawi's closet | PEP.ph
Image from PEP.ph

Who wouldn’t know who is Ivana Alawi? She is known for her seductive and sexy image in the entertainment industry. She is also known for her confidence by posting some of her sexy photos wearing only two-pieces of clothing.

Ivana Alawi : CelebsPH
Image from Ivana’s Instagram

Behind her appealing image comes with a beautiful personality inside. , Here are the 10 things about Ivana that most people do not know yet, based on the article from Preview.

Her screen name Ivana Alawi was given to her by her manager Perry Lansigan. According to Lansigan he thought to change her screen name because her real name sounded like it was misspelled.

However, Ivana’s real name is Mariam Al-Alawi.

Ivana Alawi surpasses 6M subscribers on YouTube | One Music PH
Image from Belo Medical Group

She was also a Christmas baby. Yes! Ivana was born on December 25, 1996, and she is now 23 years old.

She grew up in Bahrain and she spent her childhood there.

Before becoming a Kapamilya artist, Ivana joined the sixth season of GMA’s reality talent competition, StarStruck. Wherein she reached the place of Top 28.

Remember when Ivana Alawi joined this GMA-7 reality show? | PEP.ph
Image from PEP.ph

Originally, Ivana wanted to enter the fashion industry. When her contract with GMA ended, she did not renew instead she enrolled in Enderun under Fashion Marketing.

In 2018, Ivana got her big break when she did several acting stints in ABS-CBN.

PHOTOS: Ivana Alawi inks contract with ABS-CBN | ABS-CBN Entertainment
Image from ABS-CBN
Ivana’s contract signing

Ivana also has an athletic side. She’s into swimming and horseback riding no wondered she got that body.

Ivana Alawi also admitted that she also went through being a rebellious daughter. She said that she had a fake I.D. in order to enter clubs. However, that phase in her life mellowed as she prefers now to stay at home.

Ivana Alawi Shows her House in Bahrain - Attracttour

At a oung age, she already owns a mansion in Bahrain wherein she already featured in one of her vlogs.

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