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Angelica Panganiban Reacted to Ex-Boyfriend and New Parents Carlo Aquino and Trina Candaza

Actress Angelica Panganiban and ex-girlfriend of Carlo Aquino has this message to the new parents, Carlo and Trina.

Ibuga mo iyan!': Angelica Panganiban will listen to your lockdown problems  in new show | ABS-CBN News
Photo from ABS-CBN News

 Model Trina Candaza and actor Carlo Aquino recently welcome their baby girl who they named Enola Mithi to the world. In a post on social media, Carlo shared a photo of their baby born of September 8 with the caption that says, “You can thank your stars all you want but I’ll always be the lucky one.

As we all know, the two celebrities have been linked again to each other after years of break up. A lot of fans hoped that two can make a comeback together, in movies and in real life. However, after acting sweet to each other, Carlo announced that Angge and he will not make a comeback because she already has a girlfriend who is now the mother of his first child. But asks for forgiveness to the actress.

Meanwhile, Angge was ask for her reaction to the announcement of Carlo and Trina, here’s what she said.

“I’m sure masayang masaya siya. Masayang masaya sila and yun naman dapat yun di ba? Importante yung happiness ng mga tao so, good. Congratulations.”

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