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Ogie Alcasid Uploads Teaser for New Single “Beautiful” in Collaboration with Moira dela Torre

Ogie Alcasid revealed that he and Moira dela Torre will be collaborating for a new single entitled “Beautiful.”

He dropped the song teaser on Instagram for their fans to hear.

“I wrote this song a while back and never got to finish it. Then, the lockdown happened and I felt that this was the time that it had to be done. Texted Jem Florendo and asked him to arrange it for me. I then messaged Moira as she was touring the US at the time and asked her if she could do her vocals and video shoot from where she was at the time. Jonathan Manalo joined the team and weaved his magic with the mix in the studio. I hope and pray that people will be blessed with what we have produced. This is for you dear Jesus because everything you’ve done for us is simply Beautiful. Praise you Jesus. Digital release is on August 14 and Video release is on August 17.” Ogie wrote in the captions.

Many seemed to like the teaser of the song. Some of the netizens said that they can’t wait for the full version to be released.

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