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Willie Revillame COVID-19 Result After Donita Nose Tests Positive

Willie Revillame COVID-19 test result has been revealed after his co-host Donita Nose tested positive for the disease on Monday.

Wowowin host Willie Revillame’s COVID-19 test result came after comedian and fellow host Donita Nose tested positive for coronavirus disease.

Back in 2018, Donita took a break from hosting as Wowowin was reformatted. The comedian-host also clarified the rumors that Willie did not like that they were whispering at the back while he was speaking in front of the camera, according to Donita, it was not true.

However, Donita returned to the game show, but unfortunately had to go through another problem after she got infected by the coronavirus disease.

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Due to that circumstances, Willie Revillame also got himself to be tested for the disease since they are together in the show. According to the article from PEP, Revillame test result was negative.

Based on the report, the staff and crew of the show also got tested on July 17 and their results were also negative.

Revillame also stressed that Donita has not fone to studio since July 10.

With the current situation of Donita, the Wowowin host said to his co-host, “Marami namang nagmamahal at tumutulong sa ‘yo. Magpagaling ka diyan.”

He also encouraged those who are going through a difficult time right now to not give up. “Kapit lang kayo at kayo po ay lumaban diyan. Alam naman naming kayang-kaya ninyo iyan.”

Previously, Willie Revillame also gave his message for Kapuso comedian Michael V who tested positive for COVID-19.

According to Bitoy, he is now getting better after hearing the death hoax about him

In his most recent update, he said that he went through an X-ray procedure to check if he has pneumonia.

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