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WATCH : Vice Ganda Walks Out During Its Showtime Opening Trends Online

Viral now in social media is the spotted walk out of Vice Ganda during the opening song of Its Showtime.

During the show, Vice seems to be unhappy and leave the stage his co-host Vhong Navarro spotted the comedians walkout and yet continue the show.

Meanwhile many ask why did Vice leave the stage? Several speculates that he is hurt due to the recent did approval of the Congress regarding it’s renewal of franchise.

It is remembered that majority of the law makers in the lower house voter “no” for the network franchise renewal.

ABS-CBN needs it’s franchise to be renew to be back on air once again prior to it’s closure few month ago.

Furthermore, some various artist appeals to reconsider the decision to give the network a second chance via initiative of the people but it is yet to be approved.

Vice Ganda Walks Out During Opening Song Of It’s Showtime

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