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VIRAL: Lady Backrider Almost Fall for Difficulty Holding Due to the Motorcycle Barrier

Viral now on social media the video footage of a lady backrider who was struggling to hold tight and almost falling off the motorcycle due to the barrier that was required by the government for the safety of the motorcycle riders.

Since COVID-19 started, the lawmakers of the government are proposing a motorcycle barrier for backriding, but it was just for couples. With that, the motorists are criticizing the law and complaining that the barriers can affect the aerodynamics and might cause an accident.

However, according to the government the barrier between the motorcycle driver and back rider as a part of the health protocols with the aim to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease.

And now due to that protocol, a video footage posted by the Facebook page “Insane Drivers” that shows a lady backrider who was struggling and almost falling from her husband’s motorcycle due to the barrier.

The video garnered various reactions online, here are some:

In the video, the driver was running at a moderate speed but the backrider is struggling because of the wind, it made the barrier pushes to her face. However, the givi box of the motorcycle prevents her from falling.

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