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VIRAL: Actress Kim Chui “#No to ABS-CBN Franchise Renewal Tweet” Trends In Social Media

One again actress Kim Chui create noise in social media when she post #No to ABS-CBN franchise renewal.

The post recently receives various reaction on social media wherein it contains a negative comments against the actress.

Netizens believed that the actress is out of her mind when she posts her tweet, in contrast with her fellow Kapamilya actress.

This shows she is not in favor of the renewal of the franchise of her mother station.

It is remembered that Kim Chui started her career in PBB: Teen Edition as program aired by ABS-CBN channel 2.

Lately she becomes controversial when she posted a video that express her thoughts with regards to ABS-CBN shutdown in the previous months, her opinion “Bawal Lumabas” becomes a center of attention and receives multiple bashing online.

Now again it is expected that she will be bashed once again, but who recognizes it might be a human error only or Kim really stands up against her mother station, who knows right?.

As of now, Kim is doing a project title “Love Thy Woman” together with Sunshine Cruz, Christopher De Leon, and many more.

Many were saddened on the news that Congress does not grant the ABS-CBN franchise to operate on air but hopefully, there is still a chance that the network could go back on the air.

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