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Trending Now: Divine Geronimo Vs Mommy Pinty Gonzaga Social Media War

Treding topic now in social media is the social media war of Mommy Pinty Gonzaga Vs Mommy Divine Geronimo.

The heated argument started when Alex Gonzaga posted in her Instagram account saying : Happy Anniversary Paultin, Thank you for giving us Seve, please give is quarantIna ang baby na nagawa hopefully ngayong ecq, love you both’

The statement goes smooth and mommy pinty replied Kelan ba masundan si Seve?.

Something goes wrong when, Mommy Divine Geronimo enter the conversation saying “pag nagbuntis kapa?

Mommy Pinty replied “iha wag tanga basahin mo bio ko

Mommy Pinty added “Magpapabuntis lang ako pag bumalik na si Sarah sa inyo, Hindi nakakaunlad ang inggit

Mommy Divine firesback “kahit bumalik pa si Sarah di kana tutubuan pa, gang pangarap ka nalang tipints

(Even if Sarah goes back on our house, you do not have a chance to get pregnant, In Your Dreams”)

Mommy Pinty replied Hindi na babalik si Sarah kaya mag hirap ka.

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