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Police Captain Heherson Zambale Face Criminal Charges over an Alleged Abusing Female Criminology Intern

Manila police officer is facing criminal charges over molesting and abusing a female criminology student, the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) has said. Police identified the accused cop as Police Captain Heherson Zambale from Sta. Cruz Police Station. 

According to GMA NEWS report, Police Captain Heherson Zambale allegedly molested the female student last March 7, 2020. The victim had initially applied for an internship, according to the Police report. 

Manila Police District Chief Police Brigadier General Rolando Miranda told to GMA reporter, he ordered the relief of the cop and his firearm was also recalled pending probe on the incident. The Women and Children Protection Division looking into the incident as the victim has formally filed a complaint against accuse cop. 

There are other complaints were also filed against the cop’s wife Aliah Zambale and two other individuals before the Manila City Prosecutor’s Office on June 1. 

NCRPO noted that an administrative case would also be filed against Zambale. 

NCRPO chief Police Major General Debold Sinas declaring to all district directors and police chiefs to stop accepting OJT requests as all OJT requests must be verified by the Regional Intelligence Division. 

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