Netizens Claim Mocha Uson called the Protesters “Mga Terorista”

OWWA Deputy Administrator Mocha Uson is now trending on Twitter. Mocha tweets, “hahahahahahaha galit na galit na mga terorista nagtipon na sila.” Recently, the tweet of Mocha Uson was deleted on Twitter but the Netizens captured and repost it online. 

Senator Tito Sotto tweet, “Activism daw is not terrorism. Eh sino bang g*go may sabi na terrorism yun?” According to Netizen @JerikRola, “Mocha Uson called the protesters “mga terorista.” This further proves that anyone can be labeled a terrorist. Literally anyone! And this also answers Sen. Sotto’s question. Yes po, senator, si Mocha Uson po ang g*gong nagsabing terrorism ang activism.” 

Mocha Uson called the peaceful rallyists today terrorists in a now-deleted Tweet. They have the gall to assure us that they will not attack critics. She is a government appointee! That’s the problem when you don’t think. You are too transparent, said Twitter user @kipoebanda. 

Mocha Uson trend with more than 10, 000 tweets by the Netizens and top 1 on Nationwide rank. 

What can you say about Mocha Uson comments on rallyist? 

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