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Moremoney.io Giving Free BTC is LEGIT

Top Trending topic online! Website Moremoney.oi is now giving free BTC to the all users. MoreMoney reached 200,000 users, we have good offers for users for 2 weeks! Deposit Bonus: up to 40%, Transfer Bonus: up to 50%, Banner ads Discount: up to 50% and PTC ads Discount: up to 20%. 

In Moremoney, you can claim satoshi for free, without capital. It states here, they already paid 2.8 BTC to their users. Tap Earn BTC, then have Faucet, Shortlinks, PTC ads, jobs, referrals, achievements, redeem coupon. 

So, you can claim more if you’ve upgraded your membership. In MoreMoney, you can claim satoshi every hour. You can also visit Short links, click Earn BTC. Then click Visit short links. Scroll down, you’ll see the links that you may visit every day. Also, its corresponding rewards.  

If you like inviting, you can join Referral Contest. But, as of now, they don’t have contest for this month. Last month, the top 1 winner take the grand prize of 5, 000, 000 bits. 

Now, let’s cash out here in MoreMoney. Tap Withdraw. Take note that you can only withdraw once you claimed 10x from their faucet. 

PTC ad is one of the best kinds of advertising by high efficiency and low cost. 

If you try it until the 19th of May, you can use its #discount (up to 20%) and advertise cheaper. 

How to Sign Up: (CLICK HERE)

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