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DJ Loonyo Misunderstood COVID-19 ‘Mass Testing’ Went Viral Online

Top Trending Topic online! DJ Loonyo bashed by the Netizens online due to his remark on COVID-19 Mass testing. Loonyo, or Rhemuel Lunio in real life, was known through his dance videos on TikTok. Netizen Inah Evans posted a video on her Facebook account, “I NEVER CRINGED SO MUCH OVER AN IGNORANCE LIKE I DID WHILE WATCHING THIS CLIP.” 

The video garnered more than 2 million views, Loonyo was asked what he knows about “mass testing.” “I just don’t know. It’s like gagana ba ‘to ang bagay na ‘to sa ganiton ano.Di ko alam kung ano ang gagamitin nila sa mass testing, kung ano ipapainom nila, kung ano ipapagawa nila, it’s a trial and error. That’s why it’s mass testing,” he said. 

“But for me, why would you test me? I’m a human being. I will react kung ano ang ipapainom mo sa akin,” he also said. He also believes that if his body will react negatively to the “mass testing,” he added. 

According to the Netizens; “Literal akong sumisigaw ng ‘PINAGSASASABI MO?!’ Hahahaha iba ‘to. Nasa ibang dimensyon pag iisip ni Sir. Ang hirap tapusin nu’ng video. I was even hoping na issa prank hahaha. As in pinagtiyagaan ko siya pakinggan hoping na may redemption sa dulo or at least iyong kausap niya e icocorect siya. But much to my surprise, parehas silang walang proper knowledge kung ano ang COVID Testing, Rapid Testing and most importantly, Mass Testing. In almost 3 months of quarantine, almost half a year our world is battling this pandemic, may katulad ni DJ Loonyo who has a very wide audience and has an access to the internet, na hindi alam kung ano na ang nangyayari at kung ano ang mass testing. Mas malala ‘to sa confusion ni Harry Roque guys. And God knows, ilang tao pa iyong katulad niya ng paniniwala.”

“Hopefully his followers or friends reach out to him and give him a crash course about COVID19. Naiintindihan ko iyong concern niya about being a ‘guinea pig’ for clinical trial but you know it’s completely different hahahaha sobrang nakakastress hahaha. And he was so sure sa sinasabi niya while vaping. I cant. I just can’t.” 

“Let us educate one another mga kakosa. Do not let this kind of assumption slide. RESEARCH. Nakamamatay ang virus pero mas nakamamatay ang maling impormasyon.” 

DJ Loonyo is now top trending topic on social media.  

@CoachClarkiee “Can someone educate DJ Loonyo what mass testing is? He’s spreading misinformation about it and instilling fears among his followers.” 

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