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Alternative Ways for Online Classes by DepEd

The opening of the classes is one of the hottest issues in the country as of now. According to the Department of Education, on June 1, parents can enroll their children and August 24 is the official class opening of the students.

DepEd continues to push through online classes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The online learning requires internet access and not everyone has the opportunity. Many people complained regarding the new education system.

However, the Department of Education clarifies that there’s nothing to worry about the online learning.

One of the alternative ways for the online learning is the television and radios, which most of the residences possess.

Cellphone is also another way, and can be used since almost everyone has it.

DepEd presents another alternative, learning modules, to be given for the students. The local government units can manage the distribution and gathering of these modules which will be done every week.

These learning modules will be given and gathered based on a certain schedule. With these alternatives, students can still continue their education with the ‘new normal’ policy. 

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