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TV Patrol Weekend (May 31, 2020) Full Episode

You can now watch the full episode on TV Patrol weekend (May 31, 2020). TV Patrol is the primetime newscast of ABS-CBN. Every night, we bring the latest news and analysis to be in the service of the Filipino worldwide.

TV Patrol news exclusive coverage for the updates of COVID-19 and the enhanced community quarantine being observed in select parts of the Philippines to stop the spread of the disease.

Watch the Livestream TV Patrol Weekend (May 31, 2020):

National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) chairman Gamaliel Cordoba promised to House members that he would issue a provisional authority allowing the Lopez-owned network to continue operating past the expiration of its franchise on May 4.

Last May 5, the NTC issued a cease and desist order against ABS-CBN, causing it to halt TV and radio operations.

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