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Senator Dick Gordon Bashed by Netizens for his Rude Behavior Towards News Anchor Connie Sison

Senator Dick Gordon was bashed by the netizens due to his rude behavior towards tha news anchor Connie Sison. Earlier this Tuesday morning, the Unang Hirit news anchor, Connie, interviewed the senator via phone patch. Gordon’s name immediately came Top 3 trending topic on Twitter.

Connie and Senator Gordon were talking about the mass testing here in the Philippines. Connie asked about the price of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing which is “PHP4,500.” Senator Gordon corrected her saying that it’s “PHP3,500” per testing.

Their conversation went on smoothly at first, but when Connie said that she has one final question for the senator, he quickly judged Connie that she wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying.

“Can you listen to me, please? Kasi parang hindi ka nakikinig.

“I’m sorry, but I have to be very frank,” Senator Gordon said.

Connie was surprised of what he had said. “Ano po iyon?” she answered.

“Importante ang mga sinasabi namin. Na dapat maintindihan ng tao.

“We have to test and there is payment. Because yung China, sinisingil tayo niyan.

“Yung mga testing kit, sinisingil tayo. Tinataas pa nga nila.

“Gusto nila pag bumili ka ng isang machine ngayon, bibili ka ng 20,000 to 30,000 test kits.

“Magkano isa, 15 dollars to 18 dollars. Multiply niyo. Milyun-milyong dolar na ‘yan.”

The senator appeared to be very defensive with regards to the testing kits.

The issue of OFWs waiting for the go signal so that they can go home, still goes on and on. “Sir, this is the reason why we’re actually getting your side, para mas maplantsa…” Connie asked.

“There is no side! Excuse me, there is no side!” Senator Gordon exclaimed.

“Okay. At least your opinion on this. Kasi eto ho ang tanong din ng ating mga kababayan, Sir.” Connie calmly stated.

“No, no! Don’t tell us na meron kayong pagsasabungin kami.” At this point, he was angry over the fact that they are being compared of the high speed testing that is done by others. “Hindi ko sila pipigilin. Wala akong pakialam dun!”

“Alright, Senator. Naku, magandang umaga naman ho naman sa inyo.” Connie calmly said.

“Hindi! Pagod na kami!” Gordon exclaimed.

“Thank you so much for your time, Senator Dick Gordon.” Connie Sison ended their conversation.

While the senator bitterly answered, “Sige!” 

The netizens were shocked pf the senator’s behavior towards the news anchor as they call him “bastos, rude and unprofessional.”

Others said that he could’ve tried to be more professional and respectful with Connie even though he is tired. Being tired doesn’t give him the reason to be rude with others.

Here are some of the tweets:

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