Pastor Frankline Ndifor Claimed To Cure COVID-19, Dies Due to COVID-19

Top trending topic online! Pastor Frankline Ndifor who claimed to heal COVID-19 through faith had died of COVID-19. Frankline Ndifor had claimed to cure the COVID-19 infection in Cameroon via the laying of hands. Expected twist of events, Pastor Ndifor died due to COVID-19. This news was confirmed by Serge Espoir Matomba as he took to his Facebook page on Saturday morning to announce the ‘death of Prophet Frank’. 

The Pastor died on Saturday morning at his residence in Douala Cameroon. Reports from Douala say there is tension at his residence as family members have blocked the entrance and denied access to anybody.  

The authorities had to use force to enter Ndifor’s residence because his followers tried to block the police. They believed the pastor was a miraculous prophet. As such, they tried to block authorities and prayed for his revival. Hundreds of his followers gathered at his house to sing, claiming he was not dead & was just sleeping.

According to the BBC, Ndifor’s family and followers had planned to contest the death ruling and keep the body for his resurrection. Police needed teargas to disperse the crowd, then forcefully removed the corpse for a quick burial in line with local procedures for COVID-19 infection. 

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