WATCH: “Lance Centeno” Boyfriend Of Via Gonzales Seen Together In Controversial Videos


Viral now in social media are the private videos of Via Gonzales and boyfriend doing carnality inside the car.

Many of netizens wonder who is the name of the boy, sources via Facebook revealed the name of Via Bf is “Lance Centeno”.

Some netizens named him lucky but other lambasted him as a unrespectful boy due to what he has done.

The two were engage in two controversial videos wherein the clip had been fast circulating in social media and now being considered the talk of the town.

As of now Lance does not release his statement with regards to the issue and some netiens blamed him as the mastermind of spreading the video but this claim is yet to be proven.

Meanwhile in the part of Via she urged she is just a victim and denotes she does not had anything to do with the spreading of controversial video as a matter of fact she stand up to be innocent.

As of now, Lance side is not yet released and still mum on the issue considering he is a student of a well known school in the country.

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