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WATCH: How COVID-19 Infects Many In Brgy. Luz In Cebu City

A certain Brgy. in Cebu City might be endangered to be invaded by COVID-19 wherein one day the total infected climbs up to 82 cases previously 1 case only.

How does this possible? According to a certain post in social media by Jed Neri, there is a PUM whom violated the rules of isolatin and self quarantine and had a drinking session with friends.

In his post he quoted ” All it takes is one person to screw everything up. This how fast and easy it spreads.

Now the DOH and DILG in Cebu investigate how this happens and possible negligence on the part of the person or the person of the Brgy. for not closely monitoring and tight implementation of enhancing community quarantine in their place.

This scenario is not a joke.

Lockdown implemented in a certain brgy in Cebu City
24 Oras

We must cooperate with the government because they are doing their best to control the widespread of the virus and other Filipinos are still hard-headed and violate the law which endangers many.

As a matter of fact the Philippines now is the number one when it comes to the numbers infected by the pandemic.

According to DOH we are not prepared for the lethality of the virus and it is better to discipline ourselves and stay at our home, we must cooperate or else we will face our demise.

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