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Pinay OFW Elanel Ordidor Deported Back To Philippines Due To Anti Duterte Critism

A certain OFW in Taiwan will be endangered to be deported back to the Philippines due to anti-Duterte criticism.

According to Labor Officer Fidel Macuayag, they have formally visited the Pinay OFW to tell her to stop uploading videos bashing Duterte, or else she will face her demise and deported back to PH.

Ordidor promise to erase those uploaded videos on her personal FB account but few hours passed again the Pinay OFW uploaded another video with also the same content of lambasting the current president.

Macauyag discovered that Oridor is using another account to upload her video and aiming to create a group to spread hate towards PRRD.

The Labor office really takes it seriously and if Ordidor will not stop she will face a case in the country after she is deported back to the Philippines after violating the Cyber Crime Law on the grounds of bullying.

This is not the time to create negative ambiance instead every Filipino out there must help the country on its struggle towards COVID-19 pandemic.

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