November 2019 Philippine BAR exam Results OUT on April 29, 2020


The Supreme Court Office of the Bar Confidant announced Thursday (April 23, 2020) that the official results of the 2019 Bar Examination will be released on April 29, 2020.

In light of the government’s call for social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, everyone is advised to stay in their respective homes and check the results online. No Visitors shall be allowed to enter the Supreme Court compound on the said date and the list of passers will not be displayed on the premises.

FULL LIST: November 2019 Philippine Bar Exam Results Announced (Alphabetical Order)

Please be advised that all bar candidates who were CONDITIONALLY ADMITTED to take the 2019 Bar Examination AND PASSED the examinations shall NOT be allowed to join the oath-taking ceremony, unless they have submitted the requisite documents within the period previously given to them. The office of the Bar Confidant (OBC) shall not accept Petitions to Take the Lawyer’s Oath until after the roll-signing of those who have submitted their complete documentary requirements. The OBC will issue an announcement once it is ready to accept such petitions.

The total number of applications filed is 8,304, (Applications denied is 9, while petitions were withdrawn is 50). The total number of candidates admitted is 8,295, (number of candidates absent {First Sunday} is 545, while the number of candidates tested {First Sunday} is 7,700), and the Number of candidates who dropped out is 15. 


For the information of everyone, the checking of the Bar Exam is done manually by the Office of Confidant. Few days prior to the official announcement and publication of result the SC will be conducting a special “en banc” session to decode the Bar Exam results. The decoding process is done by way of opening sealed envelopes containing the names of successful examinees. 


In order to enlist your name on the passer’s column of the Bar Exam 2019 every examinee must have a general average of 75% and no lower grade of 50% in all other subjects taken. In some other factor of passing the Bar Exam, the SC en banc may also be doing some adjustments to the passing percentage. 

The highlights of the four (4) days examination covers the area of:  

*Political Law 

*Labor Law 

*Civil Law 

*Taxation Law 

*Mercantile Law 

*Criminal Law 

*Remedial Law 

*Legal and Judicial Ethics and Practical Exercises 

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