WATCH VIDEO: COVID19 Positive Rudy Gobert Seen Touching Mics Causes Fear And Panic To Public

NBA Rudy Gobert recently tested positive for COVID19 that lead to Thunder and Jazz game postponement.

Before the game is cancelled Rudy is at the press conference wherein he was interviewed for some reason and video shows he was touching microphones and other apparatus during the event.

The said action of the Jazz center causes anxiety to the press and the public who are in contact with Gobert during the game.

Minutes pass the coaches of both team and the referees had a small conference talk and then decided to stop the game due to corona virus threat and advise the fans to keep calm and go out in the arena slowly and do not panic.

According to the announcer quotes “due to unforeseen circumstances the game tonight has been postponed, your all safe and talk you time on going out in the arena in an orderly fashion”.

Recently Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson was also tested positive for the disease and now quarantined and isolated in Australia and both of them is now receiving keen medical treatment for a 100 percent recovery.

This is proven that even who you are celebrity or just a normal person you cannot escape this deadly threat to your health.

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