WATCH: Ai Ai Delas Alas Reveals Dark Side Of Mommy Divine Geronimo And Bad Experience with her

Actress Ai Ai Delas Alas recently reveals another dark side of Mommy Divine Geronimo.

According to Delas Alas, when Sarah shirt was lost during the taping she was accused of stealing it by Mommy Divine.

“Hindi naman sumama ang loob. Medyo na-off lang ako nang konti, pero noon pa yun.

“Kasi, nawala yung T-shirt ni Sarah, napagbintangan niya na kami ang kumuha. Nakakaloka, ‘Day!” natatawa niyang kuwento sa amin.

Ask if she developed a grudge with Mommy Divine she answered at first she was offended due to want happened but it was a long time ago and its time to move on.

She jockingly added after hearing Mommy Divine accusation she cannot hold her laugther and stated “Nakakaloka”.

She added Sarah is a good daugther a good sister but Mommy Divine is mommy Divine.

The Tanging Ina actress also revealed that she has once engage with a rift with Sarah mother but it just small amount of time.

Ai Ai and Sarah where in a project together where she plays Sarah mother in Bituin Walang Ning Ning, which Sarah plays a role of an determined aspiring to reach her goal to be a star.

The comedy queen noted she is happy towards Sarah decision to be married with Matteo and gived her all out support towards the newly wed couple whom secretly tied the knot on February 2020.

She added Sarah is already at the right age to make decision for herself and stand for it, many of Sarah fans also support her and aimed for her happiness in the hands of her husband Matteo Guidecelli.

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