Watch Viral Now: Controversial Video Via Gonzalez “Nagkamali Lang Ako Pero Hindi Ako Masamang Tao”

Viral now in social media is the controversial girl named Via Gonzales which she noted “Nagkamali Lang Ako Pero Hindi Ako Masamang Tao”.

“I admit I have done wrong, but I am not a bad person”

FULL VIDEO: PART 2 Via Gonzales Controversial Video Went Viral

Via Gonzales DEATH Went Viral on Social Media is FAKE NEWS


Gonzalez was involved in a controversial video that is fast circulating in social media.

As a record, she is a student of a well known and prominent school in the country.

Everyone is again reminded that if you do something that is private make sure not to take a photo or a video because you never know you can be a victim of this kind of wrongdoings.

Make things in private if a person really loves you he/she will do anything to preserve your dignity and well being.

But for the netizens out there stop being judgmental and do not criticize as if you do not make any mistakes in your life, just give the girl second chance and let her prove that she has really changed for the better.

Again as a reminder be careful always and maintain your privacy.

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