PANGASINAN: 3 Netizens Scatters Picture Of COVID19 Patient To Face A Criminal Case


PANGASINAN, 3 netizens who allegedly scatters the pictures of a patient infected with COVID19 will face a criminal case according to police authorities in Lingayen province.

In a follow-up investigation Lingayen police disclosed the 3 netizens and 2 of them come from the city proper.

According to Police Col. Redrico Maranan provincial director of Pangasinan those 3 will be facing a case due to violating the Data Privacy Act which revealing the person identity without his permission.

It is remembered that a Filipino-Australian was test positive of COVID19 in Lingayen province and his/her picture was scattered on social media.

Col. Maranan noted that they had already tracked the location of these 3 netizens and two of them are female and noted we must be careful  because we are at the public health emergency state.

“Pareho silang babae… May batas na nagbabawal diyan, public health emergency tayo, so nasa mataas na level na ang public health concerns,”

Due to violation of Data Privacy Act, the two will had a greater chance to be imprisoned or will pay a fine of almost a million pesos, not only those 3 violates Data Privacy Act but also Cyber-crime Prevention Act of 2012 due to the act of scattering the photo in the social media.

Again Maranan warns the public especially the netizens that COVID19 is not a simple issue that you can joke, this thing is serious and if caught violating you will surely face you demise.

Do not underestimate the power of technology you can be tract even if you make a false account in Facebook or any social media platforms.

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