JUST IN: PALACE Approves DOH Urge To Declare “CODE RED” & State Of Public Health Emergency What Does This Means?


PALACE, thru President Duterte approves DOH Department of Health urge to declare Code Red and State of Pulic Heath Emergency due to the threat of Coronavirus infection COVID 19.

FACTS, the disease is spreading with almost 6 confirmed cases in the country, it is reported that the 2 patients had no travel history outside the perimeter and caused by a local transmission.

Upon confirming Sec. Duque took action to declare a state of emergency in health sector, but the question is what is CODE RED? It is the highest alert level that a health department can declare wherein anyone who is available can be deployed for any emergency reason also materials and resources can be used without objection if the situation is badly needed for immediate action.

Duque also plead to the government to allocation sufficient funding to support medicines and any medical facilities needed if the situation goes worst.

As of now WHO doing their best to provide a specific cure for the disease, COVID19 is considered now a global pandemic even first world countries like USA cannot escape its lethality.

Reminders to avoid this virus always maintain a good handwashing habit, avoid staying in public places, wear a face mask, cover your nose and mouth when both sneezing and coughing.

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