JUST IN: Actor Christopher De Leon Test Positive On COVID19 Now In Quaratine Know More Here

JUST IN, premiere actor Christopher De Leon test positive for COVID19 March 17, 2020 (Tuesday).

The actor has no travel history outside but due to the nature of work of the actor by means of going into different places during taping and interacting with various people on his business that is the possible reason for the transmission of the virus.

His statement goes this way “To all my family and friends, today the doctor confirmed i have COVID19, I have no travel history but due to the nature my work, and for those who have interacted with me please monitor your health and quarantine yourself”, he also urges to follow the procedures mandated by the department of health.

Even though what happened the actor remains positive and still hold on to GOD by means of praying without ceasing and giving thanks and praises to the Almighty GOD no matter what happens in his life.

As of now the health of the actor is strictly monitored and given intensive medications for his fast recovery.

This is really the proof that even how hard we face trials many people can still praise JESUS in good or bad situation in our life.

Let us all praise the LORD for his goodness and mercy which could lead to healing our land.

As of now COVID19 is still on rampage and dealing lethal damage to the people in Metro Manila but there is still hope.

Filipinos is know for being optimistic “kaya natin to mga kababayan, kapit lang”

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