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JUST IN: 8 Patients In Bacolod City With Suspected COVID-19 Now Under Monitoring

JUST IN, Bacolod City confirms 8 patients with possible COVID-19 now under monitoring.

According to CHO (City Health Office) the eight patients are consist of  6 men and 2 female and luckily they are in stable condition but still the city has to monitor 1,614 more.

Western Visayas Region 6 had already prepared enough test kits from RITM and it is foreseen that cases will expected to rise up, but hopefully all tested patients will be negative of the virus.

In response to the COVID-19 threat Governor Bong Lacson order a enhance community quarantine on Negros Occidental which aims to flatten the curve and to control the widespread of the virus that succumbs the whole country.

As of now the total cases rise up to 636 with total recorded of 38 deaths and 26 fully recovered.

Still the country is under State of Calamity for 6 months.

Meanwhile it its advise that please stay at your home to ensure your safety and your whole family as well, avoid going to public places and keep your body health and do not forget to frequently wash your hands to avoid the virus infection.

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