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Grade 11 Student Died From Stabbing Over Unpaid Debt

A Grade 11 student got stabbed by a 27-year-old man because of his unpaid debt.

This kind of crime is scary and happens every day, everywhere. However, the government is trying their best to lessen this kind of crime and prevents to happen. Some commit crimes due to hate. And some cannot control themselves and nothing to hurt so they decided to hurt themselves. So this should be stop or you’ll end up in jail.

Based on the report from Sunstar authorities, a man named Ray Jan Carmelotes 27-years-old got arrested after he stabbed a grade 11 student in front of his school on February 26, 2020, Wednesday morning.


The 16-years-old grade 11 student was studying at VMA Global College in Bacolod City and the suspect stabbed him multiple times in front of his school.

According to the report, the head of Police Statio 9, Police Lieutenant Jonito Pastrana said that the victim sustains multiple wounds. This happens when the victim went out for lunch along with his classmates when the suspect suddenly stabbed him with a knife.


The suspect attempted to escape but the police beat patrol and the school’s security guard cornered him. The cops also recovered the weapon he used in the crime.

Based on the report, the teenager-victim was rushed to South Bacolod General Hospital and Medical Center Inc. He passed away at around 4 pm. Police Lieutenant Jonito Pastrana said Carmelotes alleged that he committed the crime because of grudge. He also said the Grade 11 student has debts to his brother.

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