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FACEBOOK: Strictly Warns Users To Avoid Posting Fake News On Corona Virus

Largest social media community FACEBOOK warns users to avoid posting fake news regarding the worldwide epidemic done by corona virus infection.

Due to its threat many hoax news had been seen in the social media which cause panic and anxiety towards the public.

The said disease almost affects 12,000 people in Wuhan China and other reported 130 cases across the country.

Due to the incident FACEBOOK management impose a strict warning to users issued a public advisory saying “with false claims or conspiracy theories that have been flagged by leading global health organizations and local health authorities,” saying such content would violate its ban on misinformation leading to “physical harm.”

Also the social media giant assures that they will limit the distribution of information regarding this matter to avoid any problem and misleading the public in the future.

As of now FACEBOOK users are now up to 2.5 Billion in number and still counting and growing.

Hopefully the social media giant will make a system that detects the legitimacy of the post to avoid this kind of misleading information.

This information had already made an impact in the world due to racism and discrimination of Chinese people even though they are not infected by this deadly virus.

We are expecting for the best for the sake of the world and its people.

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