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WATCH BREAKING NEWS: LA Lakers Ex Basketball Star “Kobe Bryant” Died In A Helicopter Crash

Breaking news La Lakers Ex basketball star Kobe Bryant died on a helicopter crash together with four others in Calabasa California.

The aircraft crash crash around 10 am in Las Virgines on Sunday.

During crash no one is hurt on the ground zero but sadly no survivors reports in the helicopter were Kobe and his friends riding in.

The responders eliminate the fire on the aircraft but sad to sad no one is alive.

Kobe Bryant was a famous baskertball star and win numerous championship and mvp awards during his playing season in LA LAKERS.

He is also named as the highest paid athelete on par with Micheal Jordan, he also makes history during his playing career and awarded as a Hall Of Famer on the NBA.

The basketball star also leaved a mark on the NBA on his iconic moves and played with great focus and precision on shooting 3 points.

Bryant for almost 20years on his career dedictate his life on basketball and mainly will be remebered as of the greatest player in the league.


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