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BREAKING NEWS: FBI Raids Pastor Apollo Quiboloy Church In Los Angeles Due To Human Trafficking

BREAKING NEWS Los Angeles California, Pastor Apollo Quiboloy church raided by federal agents due to complaints of human trafficking operation inside the church.


Wednesday the feds arrested two church leaders for scheming and tricking followers into becoming fund raisers and arrange sham marriage to remain in the United States.

According to US attorney’s office the fraudulent leaders are misleading their members for income generating purposes and now will face criminal charges for their unlawful act.

It is remembered that Pastor Quiboloy has been hold by US Customs because he was seen with$350,000 cash and guns in private plane.

The members are representing themselves from the Children Joy Foundation and spread in different states to ask donations and revealed that they were beaten if they cannot reach the said quota from US citizens.

FBI agents also reveals that this tricksters had been doing sham marriages for almost 20 years and scammed $20million dollars from 2014 up to the present.

Anne Wetsel an FBI special agent noted “Most of these funds were taken from street level donations and they are using this Children Joy Foundation as a front to cover their scamming scheme”.

As of now no reports from the reaction of Pastor Quiboloy yet, here in the Philippines PACQ is considered one of the riches pastor in the country and had a close ties with the current president Rodrigo Duterte.

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