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Actor Kristoffer Martin Slammed KNPP Clothing Line ” Tunog At Basa Palang Bastos Na”

Actor Kristoffer Martin slammed the “KNPP” clothing line for the reason that the sound and the words is obviously unpleasant.

According to the actor ” May nakita akong clothing line sa FB, bat nya dinedefend yung brand nya ay tunog at basa palang bastos na. Tapos yung ad gagamit ng batang babae, tanga ka?

The actor seems dismay because the KNPP clothing line designer express his thoughts qouting, its just a product of his creativity and explain Pepe is a term for young boys and Kaen means to eat, and noted is a advocacy to encourage young boys to eat more.

But it cannot deny the fact that his design is really unappropriate to his statement, according to netizens “sana ang design mo yung bata na kumakain hindi yung actual na p*p*.

Meanwhile this receives various comments in social media.

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