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WATCH: Steve Harvey Wrong Announcement on who Wins the “National Costume Award”

Miss universe 2019 host Steve Harvey has recently make news upon his announcement pertaining to who wins the National Costume.

In the video Gazini Ganados name and photo revealed on the screen but what is surprising that Miss Malaysia was on his side.

According to Miss Malaysia “Its Miss Malaysia Steve not Philippines”.

The show host noted he really read the television prompter and added they cannot do this to me for the second time, this happen to him way back 2015 wherein he announces the Miss Columbia as Miss Universe but the real winner is Miss Philippine Pia Wurtzbach.

Steve noted “I just read the television prompter, you cannot do this to me for the second time, this happen to me way back 2015 this is crazy”

Some netizens react on what happened some says “Miss Universe Organization must initiate a press conference to clarify such things”

Others noted “Do not hold you anger towards the girl, the fault was on the organizers of the event”

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