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Watch Raffy Tulfo in Action: Dutch National “Joseph Swerts” Scammed Almost 8M By Pinay Gf “Alma Fe Nodino”

In the latest episode of Wanted Sa Radyo Raffy Tulfo in action a certain Dutch national asked the assintance of the program to get his property with almost 8 million in value from his pinay gf.

According to Mark the interpreter of Swerts “nagkakilala po sila sa isang sikat na dating site at ang pinay ay nagpakilala ko pong walang asawa at divorce na sya

Mark also added that Joseph had already given big amount of money to Alma for support and for their future but unfortunately the reverse was happened.

Mark also revealed that Mr. Swert is sending money to build up his business and noted he is threatened by Almas family and his life is in danger.

Witness how idol Raffy gives help to the dutch national so that he can get what he had given to the pinay.

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