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WATCH VIRAL NOW: Man “Romeo Arnio” Runs Amok Mauled By Police And Brgy. Tanod For Being Out Of Control Died- Know More Here

Viralnow in social media is a man who run amok in their place threathens ordinary people and passer by in their barangay.

The said man reportedly is engaged in a family problem and later becomes out of control.

The police and the brgy. Tanod try to neutralize the situation by the man is still resisting to be arrested despite of the effort of the police in the area.

In the video you can see the man is holding a steel bar which considers to be a threat and upod arrest the police throw two punches which hurt the victim and even shot him in the knee.

The man was shot on the knee

After that the people and barangay tanod apprehend the supsect to be put to jailed, but saddy moments later he died due to shock.

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