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WATCH: UAAP82 “Cheerdance Competition” Hype Insights To Hear And Team Preparations

Most celebrated event in every Uaap season is the much awaited cheerdance competition of different Pep Squads from different Universities in Metro Manila.

The event will take place at SM Moa arena this November 16, 2019 2pm Philippine Time.

The question is will they beat the defending champs NU Bulldogs Pep Squad who dominates the scene for two years in a row.

I know whats on your mind.

What the teams, preparation?

Whats new and changes in the competition?

They have what its takes to dethrone the defending champs?

What are the news custome trends?

The expected attendance will be almost 17k people and avid fans to support each school and every year the event is continue to be stronger and level up to make history.

Watch the full video down below:

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