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Full Story Video of Morissette Amon Walkout on Show, Producer Jobert Sucaldit CRIES

Producer Jobert Sucaldit clarifies issue on singer Morrissette Amon walkout. Jobert Sucaldit cries and says that the show must go on. Annabelle Rama and Daisy Romualdez on rage to Morrissette Amon walkout went viral on social networking sites.

According to Annabelle Rama, “hindi kapa sikat bruha ka, huwag mong gawin sa akin yan dai. Kaladkarin kita sa stage dai.” Concert producers suggestion to Morrissette, I think she needs to apology to the audience.

Watch the full story video below:

Netizens comments to this issue, I think Jobert has humiliated Morisette by asking the audience to look at her while she was on her way out. This time around, people can easily get depression and can lead to suicide. Also, Annabelle Rama did not act her age! She acted like a woman in the sidewalks. Another thing, interviewer should learn how to boost the morale of the artist and not to ruin or spoil the artist, said by (Arzadon Bros).

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