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Transport Strike: Bacolod City Declares “No Classess” In All Levels September 30, 2019 Monday

Due to nationwide transport strike this September 30, 2019 Monday. The city goverment of Bacolod declares Suspension of Classes in ALL Levels.

According to Vice Mayor El Cid Familiaran they will provide enough transport vehicles to its government employees station in different location to continue their job in the government.

The strike will begin at 5am to 5pm in if September 30. The objection of the protest is with regards to the phasing out of old vehicles and LTFRB plan of modernization of puv.

It is projected that almost 80 percent of transportation will be distabilized and public is advise to do necessary ways to cope up.

In line of modernization of Puv and Suv the said operators must comply to Euro 4 engines with modern camera and dashboard which is strongly disagreed by various jeepney operators organization.

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