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Quarterfinals: USA vs. France on FIBA World Cup 2019 LIVE NOW

Watch the free live streaming of FIBA World CUP 2019, Quarterfinals: USA vs. France by ESPN 5. The live stream video starts at 6 pm Philippine Time. In replay, Argentina wins against Serbia with the final score of 97-87, while Spain 90 defeats Poland.

Watch the live stream video below:

Mitchell on Gobert: “I’m excited. I got to play against Joe [Ingles] twice. I’ve never played against Rudy. He’s a force. He’s a force down low. He’s the anchor of that defense and the anchor of our [Utah’s] defense. There’s going to be a lot of trash talk for sure. I think that’s what makes this fun, to be able to compete against your teammates outside of the NBA”.

Quarterfinals: USA vs. France on FIBA World Cup 2019 will take place at the GBA International Sports and Cultural Center.

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