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Breaking News: Jan Jervie Mercado And Rhea Sangil Mantalaba Jailed Due To Hurting A Grab Driver “Rey Tugade”

Viral now is the mauling incident between two passengers named Jan Mercado, Rhea Mantalaba versus Rey Tugade a grab driver.

Rey Tugade Grab Driver

The suspects are now at the hands of the police facing physical injury and malicious mischief case.

According to the operations manager of Grab Ph they will do their best to let these two abusive personalities pay.

According to Grab ph Manager Jack Tan even though it is just a toddler it is still counted as one and he explain why only four person is allowed inside due to is safety and insurance precautions incase of accidents only four plus the driver will only be paid but the excess in number will not, also it is mandated law by LTFRB if being caught their franchise will be cancelled.

The issue began when the Jan Mercado insist that the young toddler must be included in the grab car because he insist it is just a child, but Mr Tugade will not allow it due to it is a violation to the mandated law by LTFRB but the two wont listen and still continue to do want they wanted, so Mr. Tugade decided to get a video to defend himself an as an evidence for their abusive act.

The two received multiple bashing on the social media because of their unruly act.

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