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Watch:Raffy Tulfo In Action The Girl Bully”Angelika Tumang” Faces Consequence Abour Her Bullying Act On Alias “Julie”

Hot topic now is the act of bullying on a certain girl “alias julie” the name of the offender is Angelica Tumang.

The girl bully angelica tumang

In the video the mother of alias julie is invited in the show of Idol Raffy Tulfo to give her actual statement of what happened.

In the right side the mother of Alias Julie

The mother noted “the incident happened last september 2018 and added her daugther was abducted by Angelica and her friends to the comfort room and started her assualt towards her daugther.

According to the school authorities Tumang was involved in different bullying activities in the her she enrolled in and they have done action to prohibit the girl not to do it again.

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  • Vincent jhon Somuelo August 21, 2019, 12:16 pm

    Astig pla itong c tumang., bakit kc hindi ka nlng sumali sa UFC doon wlang magagalit sayu kpag mkipagbugbugan ka.. Infact matutuwa pa mga pilipino sayu pag panalo ka maipag mamalaki kpa ng bansa.. 😂😂

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