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Watch Raffy Tulfo In Action:A Gay Teacher “Francisco Ordialez” Sends Carnal Chats to Grade 10 Students

In the latest episode of Wanted sa Radyo. The parents of two Grade 10 students file a complaint against a gay teacher named Francisco Ordiales.

According to the complainant Ordiales were sending them maliscious chat asking to perform a carnality with him.

The boys noted “Ordiales was asking them to go to his place and perform a bj.” but the two refuse and decide to tell that to their parents.

On the program Mr. Tulfo ask the side of Mr. Ordiales and noted “he was already serve a suspension and ask an official apology to the parents and the victim”.

Mr. Tulfo ask if he has a license in teaching and he replied he has not.

Idol Raffy ask the principal which so happened to be the owner of the school why does she permits teacher to teach with a prc licensed and ask why did she still permits Ordiales to teach despite of his actions.

Mrs. Ortaliz answered we were targeted by the DOLE if they will dismissed mr. Ordialez, but Mr Tulfo then called Dole sec. Bello and asked his advise with regards to the situation and mr. Bello noted he will be glad id they will dismiss the gay teacher.

Meanwhile the parents of the students is thankful and hopes to seek a more disciplinary action against Ordialez.

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