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Mike Than Tun Gave 10,000 Students Bicycles for them to Use it in Going to School

There are some areas that homes are very far away from schools. Students suffer from this but still endures because what they wanted was to go to school and learn something. Not only has this happened in the Philippines, but also to some places in Myanmar.

Mike Than Tun had noticed this after he got back from studying in Singapore. When he was having a good privilege by studying into private schools, there are children who suffers in going to school.

He was in Singapore when he noticed many disposed bikes even though some just needed repairing. Therefore, he decided to buy those disposed bikes and repair them instead for it is much cheaper.

With the earnings he had in his tech company, he began to import those used bikes in different countries. In just few months, he already bought more than ten thousand discarded bicycles.

He fixed and redesigned the bicycles and even added extra backseats on some on them.

After fixing the bicycles, he distributed them to the students in their country, grades seven to ten, who needed it.

Because of Mike’s kindness, he helped ten thousand students to own bicycles for them to go to school easily. He also plans to continue with this project so that he can help more students.

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