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Eddie Garcia’s Family Agrees to ‘DNR’ Status But Not To Withdrawal Of Life Support

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Actor Eddie Garcia has been on a critical condition ever since collapsing last June 8, 2019. This was confirmed by Antonio Rebosa, the medico-legal and spokesman representing Garcia’s family.

“Right now he remains to be in very critical condition. He’s just being kept alive by medicines, he’s actually on life support because of the fracture he sustained,” Rebosa said.

As of now, Eddie Garcia is in a ‘DNR’ (Do Not Resuscitate) status. DNR-Status is a ‘medical order’ of the doctor that if ever the patient stops breathing, doctors would not perform CPR (cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) anymore.

The family of Eddie Garcia agreed to that however, not to the withdrawal of life support.

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“Pls be informed that the family of Mr. Eddie Garcia has not authorized nor has it consented to withdrawal of life support. They have however agreed to place him on DNR status. Thank you.” According to Dr. Tony Rebosa’s medical bulletin this Friday night.

Eddie Garcia remains comatose in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of Makati Medical Center.

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