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Franco Mabanta, Bongbong Marcos’ Social Media Strategist Gets Bashed for “Fat Shaming”

Bongbong Marcos social media strategist Franco Mabanta is now trending on the social media. This started when he posted “pro fat-shaming” on Facebook back in April 8, 2018 with a photo of his friend Thistle Gevara in a bikini.

According to Franco, He is 100% pro fat shaming in social media for the people who is undisciplined in their health with their “bad food habits”.

He said, “After long and thorough thought, I’ve decided that I’m 100% in favor of fat-shaming. I think the world would be a better place if all these weak minds that are captive to their bad food habits were constantly told to get off their fucking couches and stop little bitches.”

He added to his statement that there are many available diet, work-out programs in the Internet for the people to avoid getting an overweight size.

“Nothing motivates people to get into shape like insecurity. Not vanity, not health, not personal records, not clinical narcissism—NOTHING.”

“Also, painstakingly sick of 2018 political correctness and all this ‘I’m offended’ bullshit.

“And come on. The internet has provided us all with a seemingly endless array of tired-and-tested diets and literally thousands of different kinds of exercises.

“With all these data at your fingertips, choosing to not even try is tantamount to obscene levels of laziness and/or stupidity.

“You got one body. Take care of it.”

Here are some of the comments in Twitter:


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