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Break Taking Performance of Tyrone & Mina on Britain’s Got Talent 2017 Auditions Week 5

Break taking performance of Tyrone & Mina ‘throwing knives act’ on Britain’s Got Talent 2017 Auditions Week 5, last May 13, 2017. Tyrone & Mina like to do dangerous thing and judge Alesha Dixon ask question, On a scale of 1 to 10 how dangerous this act? Tyrone answer is 10.

“Incredible skill, I like the presentation,” said David. “You had everything, I would like to see this in semi-finals,” said Amanda.

According to Alesha, “Most dangerously seductive, you really risking a lot and really appreciate that, brilliant well done.”

Tyrone & Mina got 4 Yeses from the judges.

Watch the video below: (Courtesy video Britain’s Got Talent 2017

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