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Pia Wurtzbach Finally Met Lea Salonga In New York

In thew news report of Don Tagala in Tv Patrol, It was in New York when the two world class pinay meet. Lea Salonga the original Kim of Miss Saigon and Pia Wurtzbach the Miss Universe 2015. In the report in was in backstage the exact place where they met.


Pia Wurtzbach watch the show in Broadway Musical where Lea Salonga is one of the stars entitled “Allegiance”. It is where Pia go after the show, in the backstage. According to Pia, she was from crying because she can’t still get over in the ending of the show. “Kakagaling ko lang sa iyak tapos diretso na backstage. Parang hindi ko pa naa-absorb ang ending kailangan nang mag move on.”

When they meet, the usual stuff they talked. Lea has a advice on her that  “As a new New Yorker enjoy everything, there’s museums, there’s theater, there’s eating, there’s all kinds of events that’s only here so take advantage of everything.”

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