Super Curry: Warriors On The Go 20-0


The Golden State Warriors being led by their Most Valuable Player, Stephen Curry wins over the Charlotte Hornets with the score of 116-99 they improved 20-0 score in this NBA season

Super Curry: Warriors On The Go 20-0

Stephen Curry as the reigning MVP of the team scored 40 points in just only three quarters at the Time Warner Cable Arena last Wednesday.

He scored 28 points at eight-of-11 from three point range and Mr. Klay Thompson finished with 21n points, and Nicolas Batum led the hornets with 17 points.

The other Teams in NBA also wins Like the Toronto Raptors wins against Atlanta Hawks they ended the Game with 17 points resulting the score to be 96-86

The retiring NBA Player Mr. Kobe Bryant led his team the Los Angeles Lakers with 31 points to past the Washington Wizards with 108-104 in score.

The double-double of Paus Gasol earned 26 points and 19 rebounds in Chicago Bulls’ 99-90 over the rival team the Denver Nuggets.

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