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Profile Bios: Alina Bogdanova A.K.A Cindy (Russian Model) AlDub “Kalyeserye” (Videos & Photos)

Top Trending topic online! Thousands of AlDubs fans asked: Who is Cindy (Russian Model) joins Kalyeserye segment of GMA Network’ Eat Bulaga. Dubbed name Cindy, Russian Model who studied in Harvard University, to be Alden’s love interest. Real name is Alina Bogdanova a real life Russian model and also an international model who has worked in China, Turkey, Indonesia, and in the Philippines.

Alina Bogdanova

Recap: Lola Babah (Ai-Ai delas Alas) introduce Cindy (Alina Bogdanova) on Alden to be his future wife. Because Lola Babah disapproves of Yaya Dub as Alden split screen lover and wants Cindy. Last episode, Cindy revealed that she and Alden are already engaged.


Real Life: AlDub fans need not be threatened as Cindy (Alina Bogdanova) is already taken. Viewers and fans admire Alina for being such a good sport. Instead of being afraid of possible bashers from AlDub fans, she prove a job professionalism. Now she is part of the phenomenal trend online AlDub “Kalyeserye”.

Alina Bogdanova Alina Bogdanova Alina Bogdanova Alina Bogdanova

Congratulations to the creators and writers of Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye for doing this third party twist. For more updates, please follow us on Twitter (@attracttour) and by linking us on Facebook.

Alina Bogdanova Alina Bogdanova

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