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PBB 737 Teen Edition Big 4! Ylona Garcia, Jimboy Martin, Bailey May Thomas & Franco Rodriguez

Top Trending topic online! Big Brother officially announces the final Teen Big 4 of the famous yellow house in the country “Pinoy Big Brother” PBB 737 teen edition. Here are the Big 4; Ylona Garcia “Daldal Darling ng Australia”, Jimboy Martin “Barrio Rapper ng Nueva Viscaya”, Bailey May Thomas “Global Gwapito ng UK”, and Franco Rodriguez “Totoy Smiley ng Albay”.

Sad to inform that Kenzo Gutierrez has just been evicted from the famous yellow house PBB 737 Teen edition, the announcement was made on Friday’s 6th eviction night, August 7, 2015.

PBB 737 Teen Edition Big 4

Kenzo Gutierrez got the lowest percentage of public votes with 9.38% while Jimboy, Bailey, Ylona and Franco garnered the highest percentage of votes.

However, now it’s time to introduce the next batch of housemates, the Regulars. In similar fashion as the teens, the regular housemates will be introduced in a selection of appearances on It’s ShowtimeTV Patrol and an Aquino & Abunda Tonight interview.

(See here the Complete List of PBB 737 Regular Housemate)

Here is the Final Results

Big 4 PBB 737 Teen Edition (Final Results)


Kenzo Gutierrez

Final Results of Votes:

  • Ylona – 19.84%
  • Jimboy – 10.9%
  • Franco – 3.78%
  • Bailey – 1.99%
  • Kenzo – (-)9.38%

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